School Leadership

Ms. Janet DesJardins

Ms. Janet DesJardins is our Founding School Principal, bringing 28 years of experience in education both nationally in Canada and internationally in 7 different countries. Ms. DesJardins views her responsibility as a school leader is to guide her colleagues and students towards mutually set goals. She achieves this by establishing trust, a shared mission and vision, developing relationships, and then by sharing leadership responsibilities with other school leaders.

Ms. DesJardins believes that education should be designed in a way that children can learn through inquiry. When opportunities for inquiry occur, children can direct their own learning and develop their interests to a greater depth. In this type of environment, learning is acquired when the teacher stimulates curiosity, uses innovation. With these constructs, children make connections and internalize them, leading to building further understandings. Growth enables happiness, which in turn contributes to the overall wellbeing of children.

Similarly, so, educational leadership requires the same type of supportive environment to be provided for staff members. When skills and strengths are recognizable to a leader, it is their obligation to foster an environment that is purposeful, inviting, and forward thinking. With this, staff members grow and thrive while being supported in their development. These types of beliefs allow teachers to thrive, grow and be happy in their jobs, enabling them to share their passion for education. When provided with the opportunity to support her colleagues or mentor them in their growth, Ms. DesJardins does so. She provides them with challenging actions that must be taken and support them through to the end. On occasion, she sees her role as simply to opening the window and letting the birds fly. When the birds fly, they self-actualize and grow themselves. When people make progress, they are happy in what they do.

As educators, we know that our approach to education is working when children are happy and engaged in their learning. We have evidence of this growth when they can communicate their learning and associate it to new applications. When children reflect on what they have learned, it depicts their individual constructs formed from that immersion.

Essential to the process of cultivating a good atmosphere for school growth is ongoing communication and accountability. When colleagues know what to expect from each other and their leader, it makes the environment open for feedback, and moving forward. When structure is provided with clear expectations, people can thrive.

In her experience, Ms. DesJardins believes that being prepared for what is coming up next and keeping one’s word is very important. People can rely on someone that keeps their word. Sharing opportunities for successful outcomes leads to positivity at school. The greater the shared experience of success, the more positive the climate can be.

Showing and giving respect is essential to maintaining credibility and a positive school atmosphere. To me, respect is one of the fundamental qualities that must exist for relationships to be nurtured and continue to grow. This is equally important for children and staff members. Such is the philosophy of educational leadership of Ms. Janet DesJardins.

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