School Leadership

Mr Tony McSheffrey

Dear Parents,

I am incredibly proud and honored to welcome you all to Beaconhouse Private School (BPS) in Al Ain. BPS is part of the incredible wider Beaconhouse group of schools circumnavigating the educational globe. Beaconhouse group has over 308,000 students in educational institutions worldwide and it is a real privilege to be part of this global family of schools.

At BPS we adhere to the British curriculum framework which is a benchmarked course of study established, recognised and celebrated worldwide for its academic rigor, diversity, high standards and student centred focus. As a vocational educationalist, I believe in a curriculum that meets the holistic and bespoke needs of all of our incredible international students. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which offers stretch and challenge to all of our unique students in a creatively rich and diverse supportive learning environment. To meet the needs of our students we have truly amazing teachers who come from England, South Africa, Europe and Asia who are all incredibly passionate and dedicated to providing our students with the best possible learning provision.

We are a values based community school with a strong family ethos that works collaboratively in a supportive respectful atmosphere, cultivating a thirst for knowledge and inquiry. Our students at BPS learn a myriad of academic, social, physical and cultural skills and experiences, which will equip and prepare them as lifelong learners and 21st Century citizens.

Please come along and visit Beaconhouse Al Ain for yourself where you will always find a warm welcome and in the meantime, thank you for taking the time to visit BPS and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Mr Tony McSheffrey