FS2 & Year 1 (7:30AM-12:30PM) Year 2 to Year 6 (7:30AM-2:30PM) Early release day (Monday) 7:30AM-12:30PM all students dismissed
The 2020-2021 academic year will begin on Tuesday the 1st of September 2020.
3 warning letters will be sent to the parent. Children will not be reenrolled in school if there is an outstanding balance on their account.
Please see our website.( Need final link)
irthdays and special events are recognized in the classrooms, by classroom teachers in a variety of ways. Due to loss of instructional time, it is not possible to have individual celebrations for each child’s birthday at school. All parties, cakes and special celebrations for individual birthdays must take place outside of the school day. Please do not ask the classroom teachers to pass out party invitations when all students are not invited. Those invitations must be distributed outside of school. Please do not bring food items to school to be passed out in celebration of your child’s birthday.
Sorry, It is not allowed taking pictures / videos of other children without their parent’s permission.
From 7:15AM onwards, there is supervision of students provided by Beaconhouse staff.
Parents should meet the receptionist to check teachers /staff availability.
Snack and lunch are scheduled daily for each class. Please refer to the class schedule for the timings. Yes, we have cafeteria facilities.
The school is following British (UK National) Curriculum.
Yes. Our school is fully inclusive. We assess every child that enters our school and program for their needs accordingly. In some instances, a shadow teacher is required to support a student’s learning needs.
Yes, parents are encouraged to participate in dialogue regarding their child’s learning journey.
Yes, we provide the bus service. The fees are 3350 AED per year.
The school is formed from 7 different nationalities.
Yes, all the parents will be provided by the bus contact name and number.
Please see website.
A variety of extra-curricular activities are provided on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school. The activity listing is sent home termly for students to select their activity of choice.
All subjects are provided for students from foundation stage upwards including English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Arabic, Islamic, PE, Music and French.
Students should be collected from school at dismissal times: 12:30 PM or 2:30 PM respectively.
If your child will be late to school, please check in at reception when they arrive at school so that the attendance of your child can be registered.
One complete set of the uniform costs 330 AED. It includes a shirt and pants for boys, and a shirt and frock for girls. PE kits include a PE shirt and pants / shorts.
Homework is sent home when there is meaningful practice that needs to occur. There is never new material sent home without being taught at school first. The most important thing parents can do daily with their child is to read, in Arabic and in English.
School is nut-free zone.
Smoking is not allowed in or on the school premises.
If your child becomes ill at school, they will see the school nurse. If the child has a fever, you will be called to collect your child from school. In case of accident at school, you will be notified immediately.
We encourage children to leave their toys at home unless a special activity at school warrants something specific to be brought to school.