Curriculum and Accreditation

Curriculum and Accreditation:


The curriculum at Beaconhouse Private School Al Ain adheres closely to the framework of the National Curriculum for England (NCfE), which is largely subject and stage-based. The NCfE provides an entitlement curriculum up to the end of Key Stage 4  (Year 11), which means that students in each age cohort study the same subjects, regardless of their background, nationality, or level of academic attainment. The curriculum also includes the UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum comprising, Arabic Studies, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and Moral Education. ’Innovation’ also features in the curriculum, in the form of stimulating student thinking and encouraging action to achieve innovative outcomes.


Our intention is to provide a rich international curriculum that is relevant to the families living in Al Ain whose children join our school. The UAE values the NCfE for its quality, structure, and organisation and in unison with UAE cultures-, history and narratives to be recognised and honoured.  The school celebrates this diversity and ensures that all children learn about their own background and identity.