At Beaconhouse Private School Al Ain, all learners are fully included in our classes at all grade levels. It is our fundamental belief that all children have the right to an education and have the right to learn. Our aim is to support all students to the best of our ability. This goal requires that we work closely with families to ensure the learning needs of their children are met.

We have a Special Education Teacher on staff who is fully qualified and trained in appropriate methods to meet all types of learning needs. The SEN Teacher works with homeroom teachers to ensure appropriate and meaningful learning goals are set for students. On occasion, a student may need a shadow teacher to access the curriculum more effectively. This may occur based on discussion with the SEN Teacher, Class Teacher and Principal.

Individual Education Plans are implemented for students with learning needs that fall outside of the mandate of the core curriculum including accommodations or modifications to assist students in achieving their individual learning goals. IEPs are reviewed a minimum of thrice times yearly and are discussed with parents to ensure a shared focus for their child’s development.

If you have questions about our inclusive approach to education, please contact our Parent Relations Executive or SEN Teacher to schedule a meeting.